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  • Anton Gusakov

    Anton Gusakov

    Co-founder, general manager


    In 2014 when we set up ‘simple.’ our main goal was to give people an opportunity to have natural and high-quality fast food, and also to keep up humane attitude to the service and comfort.

    For me ‘simple.’ is not just a project, it is first of all a lifestyle and ideology which I decided to implement in the restaurant’s concept. Now there are many different opinions and disputes on what is useful and what is not. What is more interesting that with the development of science, our knowledge and opinions may be changed. To sum up, the concept of ‘simple.’ is that it’s no worth to complicate things. All you need is a sensible diet which means to think of the food freshness and its origin, cooking method and, surely, listen to your body as often as you can. It is so simple, isn’t it?

    Keep it simple!

  • Sasha Fedorov

    Sasha Fedorov

    Co-founder, chef

    Unfortunately, people pay little attention to the food on their plates, especially when they are hungry and pressed for time. Our team tries to adjust to the pace of a big city and we are ready to take care of your diet instead of you. Every day we do our best to create absolutely fresh, healthy, affordable and what is more important tasty dishes, as according to our view the food must bring pleasure first of all. For this purpose, we use original and innovative recipes, and we are not afraid to make experiments, the basis of which is fresh seasonal products delivered by the local farmers. With our concept we try to prove that healthy food should not be dull!

    Simple as it is!

Principles of our work

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    The first rule is seasonality.

    We want to take fresh and healthy products from the nature, so we select on a monthly basis seasonal vegetables and fruit and update our menu. Just believe us, there is nothing more fascinating than living in rhythm with the nature.

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    The best product is a local product

    Working with local products allows us to make a direct dialogue with a manufacturer and prompt response to quality change. An as you know, products delivered from a neighboring garden are always the freshest ones.

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    If you want a thing well done, do it yourself

    It is possible to take responsibility for 100% product quality only by total control of its manufacturing process. This is the reason why we do not use semi-finished products. We only sell the things we have done ourselves.

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    We know the value of time.

    That is the reason why we intentionally maintain a small range of dishes and use simple cooking technologies to ensure high quality, freshness and convenience of choice to you as soon as possible.

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    Movement is life

    Due to the constant experiments and error correction, we try to be better every day. We believe that our development helps to implement the culture of conscious high-quality dieting among people and that is how we can make our society a bit healthier.

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    Natural is the best.

    We cook according to simple recipes in an oven or with steam, we like vegetables and fruit, home-made sauces and fresh spices. No additives and preserving agents. The main thing for us is to save and convey the taste of original product. We are for purity of food and thinking!

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    Made today - gone today.

    Despite the fact that we maintain a wide range of Grab&Go dishes, restaurant and kitchen is a one thing for us. You will never find a ‘best before’ sticker on our products, because everything we sell is cooked right here and right now.

An outward glance

The same principles which we follow in the cooking process were used for development of the restaurant’s interior design. We attempted to keep and show the natural structure of the building, and used natural and high-quality materials. There is nothing in excess, only the things that are needed. Our main features are functionality, style, comfort and home-like atmosphere.

  • Kiev

    Saksaganskogo Str. 102

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  • Mon-Fri: 8:00-22:00
    Sat-Sun: 9:00-21:00


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