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catering with ‘simple.’

What is the most important part of a business day? A tasty lunch, of course! We know for sure that healthy and well-fed employees are the recipe of the company’s success.

‘simple.’ offers the service of office catering, providing you with natural and tasty dishes instead of traditional food. No more sweet bars, snacks or leftovers, and no more stress eating.

During a business lunch from 12 to 16 there is a 10% discount on simple.menu. Just leave the order on our site, wait for the call of our manager, and the courier will hurry to you with your dishes. If you want to feed your office - leave a request, and we will contact you. Bon аppetit!

Why ‘simple.’?

  • healthy and
    natural food

  • simple menu with
    seasonal products

  • easy ordering

  • variety of
    vegetarian dishes

  • timely

  • affordable

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